Stephanie Cafasso

I'm a visual story-teller with a decade of experience in marketing design. I currently manage visual branding and design at FullContact.




I am a Senior Graphic Designer who lives in Denver, Colorado. I specialize in visual storytelling, marketing design, and sales enablement.

A strong interest in digital design from a young age was the foundation to my career in the creative industry. To round out my interest in both brand strategy and design, I pursued a degree in marketing from the University of Connecticut. From there, I worked with various brands on public relations and marketing only to find myself more and more interested in the design aspects of each project. I took the leap into freelance design in 2012, working with local businesses in Long Island, NY to expand their digital strategies.

Moving to Denver, Colorado opened up new opportunities to dive into start-up tech. Establishing my career as an experienced designer with a background in marketing is an exciting endeavor. I currently manage visual design at FullContact where I work on a large variety of visual designs across a wide range of assets such as web design, video, digital and print ads, email, tradeshow materials, slide decks, marketing collateral, and more.

On my free time, I maintain a food blog that focuses on providing plant-based Italian recipes. In addition to marketing and digital strategy, I develop recipes, style food and props, take photos, and film recipe videos. Follow along on Instagram.



Selected work


FullContact Web Design and Development

I was responsible for coming up with new design concepts and writing code for FullContact's main website. Following brand updates in Q2 2018, the website needed a few changes to better align with the new messaging. User experience improvements were made as well as updated imagery, typography, and colors to better represent a professional brand.


Digital Display Advertisements

To support lead generation goals, I worked closely with the Senior Content Manager and the Director of Lifecycle Marketing to create a number of ad sets that promote FullContact's newest product release and drive visitors back to the FullContact website.





Senior Graphic Designer
Denver, CO     2016 - Present

PlaceWise Digital

Graphic Designer, Marketing
Denver, CO     2015 - 2016


Graphic Designer
Denver, CO     2015

Duracell Powermat

Graphic Designer, PR
New York, NY     2013 - 2014



Creating designs that tell a story.