FullContact Website

FullContact is the world's open identity resolution and audience insights platform enabling brands to fully identify, describe, and authentically connect with their customers.


The Background

Working closely with FullContact's content director, we followed a phased approach to update FullContact's website design with the goal of creating a professional and high-end feel to the FullContact brand.



The redesign of FullContact's website is visually compelling and better follows branding guidelines. It also increased the perceived value of the brand by using curated stock photography with more natural poses, a clear typographic hierarchy and consistent custom iconography.

Results and Improvements

65% increase in page views with new copy and content structure
10% increase in time on page
100% increase in page value
100% increase in site speed with custom code and removal of a clunky page builder

Key pages

The website needed a few different page types: main pages, use cases, and landing pages. To maintain consistency in the design, I created templates to differentiate each page type and to use as a general guideline when creating new pages.



One of my favorite design elements to work on are icon sets. Creating a custom icon set helps your brand stand out and feel more cohesive and professional. Custom icons grab attention from website visitors and reinforces brand recognition. Here are just a few of the icons I created for the set.