Hammond's Candies Factory Tour

Last weekend, Matt and I visited Hammond's Candies in Denver for a candy factory tour.  I have never been one to resist sweets so I definitely wasn't going to pass up the chance to check out a candy factory in my own town! We got to see some of the employees pouring hot liquid candy, adding flavors such as butterscotch & toffee, shaping them into canes, and packing them up for sale and distribution.

The tour itself was very educational and we learned a lot about Hammond's history and their candy-making process but the best part of being at Hammond's Candies was... the candy! Duh! Being a Saturday afternoon, Hammond's was packed with little kids running around, all smiles & joy because the place was filled wall-to-wall with so many candies packaged in fun & bright colors. Matt and I had trouble choosing what to get but we ultimately ended up with a couple of candy canes, chocolate bars, caramels, fudge, some extremely-delicious-it's-almost-a-sin concoction called a 'Piggyback,' jellybeans (Jelly Belly brand), and.... who even knows anymore because we ate it all already.

Hammond's had a bunch of unique flavors of these candy bars - we bought the Whoopie Pie because it was on sale for only 75 cents (they have discount candies too!) but some other flavors include Pigs N' Taters which has bacon & potato chips, Sweet N' Spicy which is dark chocolate with chipotle, Cookie Dough, and dark chocolate Caramel Mocha. I really don't know why we didn't pick out more chocolate bars to try, I think we were just overwhelmed with everything in there or there was just too many people around them to even get a look!

Hammond's has been around since 1920 so they really know their stuff and they specialize in mixing and pulling these shiny candy canes in dozens of flavors. The ones in the picture are peppermint and mocha with chocolate. We also got a coconut-filled candy cane but it didn't make it to the photoshoot lol. They had a lot of different flavors and they gave out some broken or 'defective' candy canes for free at the end of the tour! They also re-use a lot of the broken pieces when mixing new batches of candy and they sell a whole bag of broken pieces of toffee for only 50 cents in their store. 

Overall, it was a really fun time checking out the factory and I'm glad that we ended up going.