Moodboard: Chadwicks American Chop House & Bar

Chadwicks American Chop House & Bar is a classy New-American restaurant located right across from the busy Rockville Centre train station in Long Island, NY. Chadwicks welcomes locals for happy hour throughout the week in addition to families, couples, and friends for lunch or dinner in the dining room. Picturing the long black awning framing the restaurant's brick walls and clean lines, I created the moodboard for Chadwicks to reflect that classic-contemporary style.

I put the logo for Chadwicks in this moodboard but I did not create it - I thought it was the perfect addition to showcase the style that Chadwicks already has. Using these design elements, I created a website and social media strategy that would attract the crowd that already loves this restaurant.

Don't forget to check out Chadwicks' social media & mobile-friendly website.