How to Recover Your Crashed Illustrator File

                        Source: Adobe Creative Cloud

                        Source: Adobe Creative Cloud

It happens to the best of us, you're working diligently on a project in Illustrator and you've finally figured out how to fit that last bullet-point into the overly detailed infographic your client hired you to create. You're about to hit save and export your work for review when your computer screen starts freaking out, blinking like crazy, and Illustrator closes without warning! You sit there in silence for a couple of seconds and let it sink in... then you close your computer and get as far away from it as possible because you're about 3 seconds away from chucking the darn thing out the window!

Well kids, the time has finally come for Illustrator to answer our countless requests and complaints for data recovery - it's here! With Creative Cloud's newest update, summer 2015, you can now recover your work if Illustrator crashes and you forgot to save your file. Adobe really stepped up it's game with this update because you can even decide how often Illustrator stores your temporary file and what folder your temporary files are stored in. Illustrator will also help you determine the cause of the crash and how to prevent it for future projects.

All you need to do is reopen the application after the crash and it should automatically pull up your file with the appendage "[Recovered]" but, if it doesn't reload, just go to your data recovery folder and open it from there. To find and set your data recovery options, just open your Preferences panel, select File Handling & Clipboard and change the settings to what you prefer! You will have to restart Illustrator before any changes will take place.

The last thing you can do with this new feature is Run Diagnostics within Illustrator to determine the cause of the crash and get some helpful tips on how to prevent future occurrences. A dialog box will appear when you relaunch Illustrator after a crash and prompt you to run diagnostics. Once you choose to run diagnostics, Illustrator will open in Safe Mode and list all possible problems and solutions. Go through the list and follow the tips to correct the problem. Once you feel like all the issues have been corrected, select the Enabled when Illustrator is relaunched checkbox and click Enable on Relaunch at the bottom of the dialog box.

A data recovery feature was long overdue and I'll never get back all those lost files (and time) throughout the years - but it's finally time to stop obessively hitting 'save' after every tiny change - Illustrator's got your back!