Napa Valley

I'm finally getting some free time to write about my journeys. Last weekend, I went to Mysteryland in Bethel, NY, the original site of Woodstock '69!  The experience was amazing and necessary. I'm happy to have lived it, camping in the mud and everything! The whole camping experience has made me decide that I want to start hiking and camping a lot more. I've always been interested in mountains, I read books on them and watch documentaries about climbers... I don't know why I never just thought of doing it myself! Speaking of hiking, Matt and I did A LOT of hiking in California and we LOVED everything about it. We were totally unprepared but we got a nice glimpse of how happy it made us. 

We took MANY pictures in California so I've managed to pick out my absolute favorite ones to post. Even still, I'm going to have to split them up into batches lol, woops! Our first stop was a flight from JFK to SFO! We arrived at around midnight and my sister, with her boyfriend, picked us up at the airport. Then the fun begins...