In The Bonsai Garden

Photo Story

I found this one in the Bonsai Garden at the Denver Botanic Gardens just this past weekend. I assisted a photoshoot that morning/afternoon and I stopped into the gardens right before closing as I was waiting for my love to pick me up. The Chihuly exhibit is still thriving, the place was packed! There were people looking at every flower and exploring every corner of the park, it was hard to stop and take a photo without somebody bumping into you from behind.

Rain clouds were blooming as I searched for a place to get away from the crowds. I walked briskly up the pavement, snapping a few photos of what I could, here and there, until I made a turn and arrived at a calming sanctuary. Curiously, I stepped through an almost-disguised entrance which led to a small space surrounded in stone and gently lined with Bonsai trees.

Hidden from the hype of Chihuly, not one soul lurked in the Bonsai Garden. The cold walls didn't keep the wind from blowing but I enjoyed listening to the click-clack of my boots as I walked across the stone tiles. I stopped to admire one of the more interesting plants; it's red and green tinted leaves reminded me of a succulent and I wondered about it's peculiarity. A gust of wind sent a chill up my spine,

"Hey, We're Closing!"

Startled, I turned to see an old grump of a man staring me down. At 15 minutes to close, the patrol was on the hunt to usher people out.

"Have a good night," I smile walking away, remembering the crisp sound of my camera's shutter just as the wind blew.