Greeting Cards

2013-05-10 09.15.13.jpg

Lately I've been working on a new type of project, greeting cards. I follow a few designers' blogs who make sets of unique, creative cards and I began to really find inspiration to try my own spin on it. The cards I made are made with scrap papers, die cuts, and some hemp string. 


2013-05-10 09.14.49.jpg
2013-05-08 17.46.28.jpg
2013-05-12 10.46.19.jpg
2013-05-12 10.59.42.jpg

I need to remember to take things slow when it comes to my design dreams. I'm always thinking up new ideas and new projects and I have so many little ideas running through my head when I get excited about something. I have so many different ideas for these greeting cards, I never just want to settle on ONE thing, but I want to really focus in on these greeting cards and the design aesthetic to keep it consistent with my vision.  I'm in the process of getting organized with my supplies so there's more to come soon!