Moodboard: Italian Wine Country


Within the past few months I've had the opportunity to work with a local business close to my house to help them build their social media presence and strengthen their brand within the local community. If you knew anything about my town, it would be that the community is largely made up of Italian immigrants and their Italian-American offspring. The local store I'm working with is a wine and spirits business that has a huge selection (thousands!) of wines to choose from. The social media presence of the brand prior to meeting me was nonexistent; in fact, everything I could find about the store was outdated and under the name of the store's past ownership. With new owners in tow, the store's design needed a more cohesive look and needed to more specifically reflect on their demographic's interests. 

I call the theme of this moodboard Italian Wine Country because of it's simple, elegant, and rustic feel. It's interesting because simplicity, elegance, and rusticity are three very different inspirations, but check out the moodboard and you'll see what I'm talking about.

First of all, the simplicity of it is within the typeface; all designs are not to be covered with colorful or elaborate text, but instead with simple white type in a sans serif font, occasionally with a calligraphic typeface if needed. Secondly, the elegance comes from the intrinsic beauty of Italian Wine Country; it's rich with natural oak and the deep purples and reds of the Sangiovese and Nebbiolo grapes. Lastly, rusticity comes into play with the oak barrels and the brick walls; these colors will be perfect in creating an aesthetic that invites visitors into a store that takes them back to Italy or reminds them of their own decorative style at home.